Your online coach and consultant

My focus

I have gained long experience in coaching: as a cultural scientist with a pedagogical background and as a senior consultant in the consulting firm „DialogKonkret“. My clients, such as managers and other private persons, come for private or for professional reasons. Business coaching and private coaching represent my focus. My task is

  • to help you find orientation in situations of pressure concerning your job or your private life and
  • to help you master the outer challenges.

Under video in the menu bar you receive some more information on my coachings via skype and telephone.

My experience

Furthermore, I have long experience working as the leader as well as a teamplayer for a variety of project-management tasks – for North-Rhine-Westphalia and for EU-projects. The organisation of further educational seminars and conferences for companies has been another part of my career. Therefore, I am familiar with quite different people and work-surroundings. Due to my former experience in the United States and due to my exam/PhD my knowledge of English is near-native. English speaking clients also book coachings with me.

My approach

In my online-coachings via skype and telephone I offer an intense attentiveness to your questions. To listen to my client is one of my important techniques. Also, to make you aware of how you perceive the outer challenges and ongoing events and how you can change your perspective and your actions.

During the course of my coaching experience I often have witnessed that people repeat certain patterns of perception and of evaluating situations in their lifes. This prevents them from perceiving challenges in an adequate way. My task is to work on your perceptions and on the ways you act in order to help you master your challenges in a better way. In my approach I also take into account the social, cultural nd materia factors of our society that form us.